Media Studies

How the Media has affected me personally?
1) It wants to change the way I look. I dont fit the ‘normal’ look for a teenager girl. I dont feel the pressure that I need to change, I like the way I am.
2) It doesn’t like the music I like, its too scary. But, I still listen to it because I like the lyrics, they are important to me
3) I bowl on the weekends, and its not a popular sport. I get made fun of a lot because of it, but its still my favorite sport definitely.
4) It has affected my weight extremely. I have dealt with eating disorders for many years because Ive never been happy with my weight because of media.
5) I tend to be a bit darker, darker thoughts, dark humor etc. In media, that is wrong. Im suppose to be happy, bubbly, and smiley. Thats just not me. At all.
6) Another thing I really like, is being alone. I like to be able to have time to myself to think and be me. Media wants me out and partying and doing not okay things and thats really not just me.
7) I also like to play video gamers, Im what youd call a gamer, Media says that guys are the gamers, and that girl gamers are just, no. I love gaming, I really do and I will never stop gaming because the media says its a guy thing.
8) I love my piercings, a lot. I have 8 of them, and they make me feel really pretty. Media doesn’t really portray piercings, they see them as ‘rebel’ and ‘bad’ and Im not like that but people think I am because of thats what they are told to beleive.
9) I want to be a social worker when I get older, or something thats helping people/children physically and mentally. It has been see as a bad job, dirty, and heartless. I dont see how its heartless, its being helpful, or a savior.
10) I also like to draw, and thats been told as a useless talent. It helps me with a lot of things, and it makes me sad that the media thinks that its not important unless a star does it.

As soon as we are born we are influenced by gender messages. At some point in your life, you experienced a gender moment, a moment when your were being shaped by the notions of gender present in your childhood, your culture, your society.

1) What gender messages are present in these children’s nursery rhymes?

2) Identify other ways in which gender difference are promoted in infants and children?

3) Identify your first gender moment – a time when you realized that others concepts of gender were either a benefit or a disadvantage to you.
Seens as the tomboy, never was boughten pink clothes, and was taken mudding and dirt biking and fishing. Not girly shit like doing my nails and hair, I dont even know how to paint my nails.
Superiority and Domination; Men are shown in dominant positions. Women are physically portrayed in subordinate poses.

Dismemberment; Parts of the body such as legs, chest, etc. are photographed, rather than the full body.

Clowning and Exaggeration; Women shown in positions that make them look contorted, sexy, petite foolish while men appear in position reflective of thought and intelligence.

Male Approval; Males desire and women are desire. Women are shown as recipients of male approval.

The Voice-Over Authority; Male voices are used as voice-over’s in commercials rather than females

Irrelevant Sexualization of Women and Girls; Women’s bodies are used to sell products even if the product has nothing to do with sex. These codes and conventions affect the messages of the ads and our attitudes about gender.


5 Principles of Media.
1) The mass media constructs reality?
– Mass media carefully crafts messages that present a particular sense of what the world is and how it works?

2) The mass media has their own forms and conventions?
– movies, radio, news, tv, social media, billboards.

3) The mass media presents values?
– how expensive is it? Envo friendly? Family oriented? Educational?

4) The mass media are businesses and media messages often have commercial implications?
– Youtube ads, during videos, on main screen, etc.

5) The mass media are responded to and interpreted in different ways?
– what people like; you, me, the parents, etc. Would you pay for the product, does the ad annoy you at all?

Imprisoned because they have opposed or criticized the government responsible.
Gandhi was a political prisoner
Nelson Mandela, apartheid, south

concentration camps in NK
people declared “politically unreliable”
secluded mountain areas
about 200 000 people
life-long prisoners
torture/ “re-education”
they had to do slave work
about dying, 50%

xenophobia – intense or irrational fear of foreigners or the unknown

Nuremberg Trials,
– After WWII, 12 Nazi were sentenced to death. Most of the defendants admitted to the crimes of which they were accused, although most claimed that they were simply following the orders of a higher authority. Those individuals directly involved in the killing received the most severe sentences. Other people who played key roles in the Holocaust, including high-level government officials and business executives who used concentration camp inmates as forced laborers.

Genocide – mass murder

Kurds – old ancient cities in middle east
20% of iraqis are kurdish
been at odds with iraq, more than 180,000 were killed
Maori are indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. been there for 800 years. they moved to Chatham Islands the peaceful people. Moriori. War like Maori when to america, got guns and went back and killed them. those who survived, were enslaved and married to war maori . last pure blood died in 1933

Iran is Theocratic
-appointed, not elected
– religionly based

House of Commons , 308 seats, but there will be 338 2015

Tutsos : wealthier (they had to have ten cattle)
Other group was Hutu
1990s the poor rose up.
thousands were killed by machetes, rape, and diseases.
1 000 000

Pygmy Genocide
– central Africa
– 59′ tall is average adult
– The are largely primitve, forest dwelling have sufferign teribly in the Conglese Wars.
– Pygmy people pleade to UN because of cannibalism from other tribes
– Only half a million left

Native American Genocide
-1492 Europeans arrived
– seized control of resources

In South America, Francisco Pizarro slaughtered the iNCA
In America, Hernan Cortes destroyed the Aztecs

– disease – notably smallpox – had no immunity
– the result was horrifying, tons dead
Wolved devored the dying bodies as they laid in villages


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